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Aussie Super to KiwiSaver?

Can you bring your Australian Superannuation over to KiwiSaver?

The simple answer is yes, you can transfer your Australian Superannuation to KiwiSaver if you've permanently relocated to New Zealand. Thanks to the Trans-Tasman retirement savings portability scheme, an agreement between the Australian and New Zealand governments, you can move your Australian retirement savings to a New Zealand KiwiSaver account.

Here's what you need to know:

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • This scheme applies to New Zealanders returning permanently from Australia and Australians making a permanent move to New Zealand.

  • Your Australian super fund must be regulated by APRA.

What You Need:

  • Australian Tax File Number

  • Last Australian Residential Address

  • Recent Australian Super Annual Statement

Transferring Process:

  • You can only transfer all your Australian super funds into your KiwiSaver, not just a portion.

  • Once transferred, you can’t move the funds back or use them for buying your first home.

  • After the transfer, your funds will be subject to New Zealand PIR tax rates, which can range from 10.5% to 28%.

Important Notes:

  • You cannot invest the transferred funds elsewhere; they must go into a KiwiSaver account.

  • Your Australian complying superannuation scheme provider may charge a transfer fee.

  • Withdrawal of your Super from your KiwiSaver account can be done at 60, compared to 65 for your KiwiSaver funds.

Locating Lost Australian Super:

  • Over $5 billion of Kiwis' money might be in inactive Aussie Super accounts.

  • If you're unsure where your Aussie Super is, contact the Australian Tax Office here.

How to Transfer:

  • Contact your Australian super fund for the necessary forms and document requirements.

  • The approval process takes up to 30 days.

Financial Advice:

Considering this move? It's wise to consult a financial advisor. They can guide you on the best KiwiSaver provider and fund for your needs and facilitate the entire Australian transfer process on your behalf.

For personalised assistance, EFS financial advisors are here to help. Reach out to us to learn more. Remember, while this information provides guidance, always consult with a financial professional before making any financial decisions tailored to your unique circumstances.