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There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to Insurance

At EFS, we provide personalised financial advice that's all about YOU. We make insurance and KiwiSaver easy, so you can relax knowing you're covered for whatever life throws your way.

Let us take care of it all and help you live your best life, worry-free.

Protecting what's important to you

Life Insurance

Nobody can predict when we'll kick the bucket, which can leave our families with a load of debt or a big fat mortgage. It's not cool! But if you want to give your fam a win in their worst time of need, then leave them a lump sum cash payment! That way they can cope better and breathe easier.

Let's talk about how we can hook up your loved ones with some financial security - it's the smart thing to do!

Trauma Insurance

Most of us will face illness or trauma at some point in our lives, and while some of us will recover, others may not. That's why trauma insurance can be a lifesaver, providing a tax-free payout when you draw the short straw. This instant cash injection can be a huge relief during a difficult time. Did you know that the odds of getting cancer are 1 in 3, while the odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 383,838?

So why not invest in something that truly matters - your own well-being.

Income Protection

Getting sick or injured can mean we can't work, which means no money coming in. And let's face it, without money, we can't pay our rent or mortgage, feed ourselves or pay for our everyday expenses. It's pretty clear how important it is to protect our income by insuring it.

Mortgage Protection

If you're unable to work due to an illness or unexpected event, we've got you covered. With a mortgage protection plan, you can receive up to 110% of your monthly mortgage payments. It's as simple as that.

Health Insurance

It's no secret - the biggest regret for most people is not getting health insurance earlier. The longer we wait, the more exclusions we end up with, and that means missing out on more opportunities for coverage. With health insurance, we can avoid the public health system, which let's be real, kinda sucks right now.

By skipping the queue, we can improve our quality of life and get the care we need when we need it.

Business Owner Insurance

Let's clear up the confusion - this isn't your typical public liability or indemnity cover. This is something far more crucial. As a key person in your business, you've worked hard to build it from scratch, either on your own or with partners. But have you thought about what would happen if something were to happen to you? What if you were to pass away or become too ill to play your role?

That's where key person insurance comes in. It can help protect your business and your partners, ensuring that your hard work doesn't go to waste.

Pet Insurance

Attention pet lovers! At Essential Financial Solutions, we've got exciting news for you and your furry friends. We've teamed up with a trusted provider to offer comprehensive pet insurance.

From unexpected vet bills to accidents and illnesses, their coverage ensures your pets receive the care they deserve. Rest easy knowing that Essential Financial Solutions has your pets' well-being in mind.

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Every family and business is different, that's why we're all about customised advice that's tailored just for you.