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KiwiSaver - the potential for greatness

Welcome to EFS, where KiwiSaver is our jam and YOU are the star of the show.

We're all about customising our KiwiSaver advice to fit you.

  • Your goals? Sweet as, we've got 'em sorted.

  • Your ethics? No worries, we're on the same page.

With EFS, your KiwiSaver isn't just a plan; it's your ticket to financial freedom, Kiwi-style.

What are you waiting for? Let's get it sorted for you!

KiwiSaver, where the magic happens

Alright, team, listen up! KiwiSaver is the bomb, a total game-changer for your retirement savings. And get this – the government can throw in some sweet, sweet cash just for chipping in (yeah, you heard me right - FREE CASH!).

But wait, there's more! Your boss is on the hook too, meaning extra moolah in your KiwiSaver stash. And the cherry on top? Watching those savings grow over time, so you can kick back and enjoy your golden years without a worry in the world.

Now, choosing the right fund? It's like finding the perfect pair of jandals for your financial journey. Are you the daring type, ready to ride the wave of high-risk, high-reward investments? Or do you prefer a leisurely stroll, cruising on stability and steady growth? Heck, maybe you're chillaxed and want us to steer the ship for you.

Ready to find out which KiwiSaver path matches your style? Take the quiz now and let's get you sorted!

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Every family and business is different, that's why we're all about customised advice that's tailored to just for you.