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Next Steps

“Next Steps” which will assist you when signing and storing your Will.

The points below should also be noted:

Legally, a Will can be stapled.  However, all staples, paperclips, bull-dog clips etc all make impressions on a Will and if you're seeing a Will that's say 15-20 years old with a brand-new staple, new paper clip etc this could require an explanation when you're filing your Will.

An issue can also occur when a person un-staples a Will to scan it to someone else then re-staples it, so if it’s got a staple in it, leave it in.

  1. Do not scribble/add notes etc on a completed Will as that is not appropriate and could possibly void the Will.

  2. Please only print the Will on 'one-sided' paper.  The Court only accepts documents on one sided paper.

  3. Do not staple anything else to the Will otherwise it will be problematic for the executor when they are applying to get a probate, as the Court will ask what else was stapled to the Will and this may delay the Will being probated.

  4. Do not staple/un-staple a Will as if a Court sees there are 2 or more staple marks on the document that Will could possibly get rejected when applying for Probate. Again, the Court will ask what else was stapled to the Will?